The Deans’ Technology Council (DTC) is established in collaboration with the deans and vice chancellors asan advisory and advocacy group to coordinate IT strategy amongst participating units and advocate forcampus-wide IT policies and practices that align with our shared strategic goals. The DTC is comprised ofcampus information technology experts who represent, as formal dean/vice chancellor appointees, theperspectives, academic priorities and business needs of their colleges, professional schools or administrativeunits. As the nexus between technology and academic/business need, the DTC is a critical partner with seniormanagement and the campus CIO in the success and continuous improvement of the campus technologyenvironment. To be successful, the DTC is empowered to have candid and material discussions of needs,priorities, projects, and opportunities relating to the advancement of academic priorities, businessefficiencies, and institutional strategies.Nominations to the DTC are solicited from the deans/vice chancellors each September. Membership is limitedto one representative per dean/vice chancellor. Members serve a one-year term, renewable annually. TheDTC operates under the leadership of two co-chairs who are nominated by the DTC members and elected bymajority vote of the membership each November. The co-chairs receive staggered two-year appointments,with a review option at the end of the year, or earlier if circumstances require it. DTC members are expectedto represent the interests of their organizations and to communicate the results of DTC deliberations back tothose constituencies.The co-chairs schedule and coordinate meetings, are responsible for setting the agenda, and are responsiblefor content of the web site, minutes, reports, and any other information distributed through the DTC. The DTCmeets monthly and holds discussions, as needed, with campus IT stakeholders.The charge to the DTC is as follows:

• Engage in a healthy, positive exchange of ideas, opinions, projects and strategies with deans, assistantdeans, vice chancellors, CAOs and the campus CIO to improve understanding, identification andaction on the needs and priorities of campus.

• Contribute to the collaborative development of a common vision and set of strategies for campus IT.

• Foster, identify and communicate technical collaboration efforts, opportunities for collaboration andcampus solutions to common needs.

• Submit recommendations and opinions to the campus CIO and campus senior management on plans,new directions, proposed investments and new technologies in support of the UC Davis institutionalpriorities and strategies.

• Advise, inform, educate and engage in efforts to increase understanding and knowledge about theopportunities and challenges of technology. Inform and prepare leadership in advance of technicaldiscussions to enhance strategic decisions and outcomes.

• Collaborate with leadership to identify college/professional school/administrative unit critical issuesand priorities, develop an annual strategic action plan, and provide leadership with periodic updateson the progress of strategic efforts